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Finish On Lure (FOL) Survey

The Finish On Lure (FOL) was introduced to race meetings at Albion Park in February 2017 on a trial basis. In May 2018 RQ determined to continue the FOL on a permanent basis with four meetings a month at Albion Park, and to monitor levels of industry support for the FOL by conducting another participant survey in 2019. To support the survey RQ gathered data on race meetings conducted at Albion Park between 1 July 2015 and 30 June 2019. RQ encourages trainers to review the statistical analysis and participate in the FOL survey.

The findings of key data measures can be read in the statistical analysis below.



To take the survey, submit your responses to the questions in the online form below.

The survey closes Friday, August 30.

Participants must enter their trainer ID number to complete the survey.

Responses without a valid ID number will be disregarded. 

You will see a confirmation message on the screen following the successful submission of the survey and an email will be sent to the nominated address.

Participant responses to the survey will not be released for public display.

For more information please contact Racing Queensland on 07 3869 9407.


2019 Finish On Lure (FOL) Survey


Please enter your trainer ID to complete the survey.


Please confirm your trainer ID to complete the survey.



Did you participate in FOL races during the period February 2017 to June 2019?



Did you find it useful to have the FOL meetings for greyhounds that offended (failing to pursue/marring) in the past?




What impact did the FOL have on your nomination pattern?



Is the current rotation of the FOL between Sunday, Monday and Wednesday adequate?



Would you like to see the FOL extended to other tracks?



Is there anything that could be done to improve the FOL?



All things considered how often would you like FOL meetings conducted?



Are there any further comments you would like to make?