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Watching your horse hitting the line to win a big race is one of the most thrilling moments an owners or part-owners will experience.
Whether it’s a Group 1 race at Eagle Farm or a maiden handicap at a QLD country track, there's no better feeling than watching your horse cross the finish line first.


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Thoroughbred ownership is your ticket into the inner-sanctum of the 'Sport of Kings'


Owning a race horse is not confined to multi-millionaires. There are many ways to become involved in racehorse ownership in Queensland and become involved with the industry. The purchase of a racehorse needn’t be an expensive thing.


Thanks to the variety of ownership opportunities available. You can own shares in a Thoroughbred and get up-close with icons of the sport; to talk tactics, plan racing strategies and to help define the career of your own champion.





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Little steps can lead to big dreams


For the novice, ownership can appear to be a little daunting.


Visit the Racing Connections website to see just how little it can cost to take part in a syndicate, and how affordable racehorse ownership can be.








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The PERSONAL PROPERTY SECURITIES ACT 2009 (PPSA) will take effect from 30 January 2012 creating significant changes for Owners, syndicators, trainers and breeders of thoroughbred and standardbred horses and greyhounds.


Any owner of a horse or greyhound who enters into an agreement for the training or care of a horse may be affected by this legislation. This includes all types of ownership agistment and training.


Failure to register an interest in a horse or greyhound could result in other parties gaining possession of the horse or greyhound in certain circumstances.


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