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miStable connecting the industry

miStable is bringing the connected consumer and trainers, syndicators and studs together.

With the ever increasing move to digital communications miStable is working with its clients - more than 400 trainers worldwide - to make sure they take advantage of every digital opportunity.

When you have a happy owner there is a snowball effect - the conversation is light, everyone is positive and bills are paid on time. Happy owners are connected owners.

Owners that feel as though they are sitting on their trainers shoulders at each training session quietly watching and waiting.

miStable has an impressive record of sending more than 700,000 owner reports a month - securely and in seconds. But in reality this takes second seat to the ease at which trainers are sending out these reports. Literally 5 clicks in the app and you can send a report to thousands of owners.

When you then think that miStable provides more than 270 clients with websites, their digital flagship to sell their horses and services, trainers realise the expertise that miStable can bring their stable in terms of the greater digital business needs. Topics such as SEO are looked after by miStable. Evidence can be seen of this when trainers with miStable sites just expect to be the first few online search results. miStable works with their clients to ensure that when they have a website they don't need to sweat the small stuff, it just delivers.

And as the digital landscape is always changing they work with trainers to make sure they are making the most of the latest digital information feeds globally as well as new templates and updates. It’s all part of the service.

In a recent survey miStable was blown away by the response to their customer support and service record. More than 80% of all issues are resolved within 24 hours in a professional manner.

miStable’s sister company miRunners is also bringing the connected consumer to racing with its revolutionary ownership model. All miRunners owners are kept up to date with miStable communications from their trainers. With a massive 557 owners in one of their horses miRunners relies on constant, rich vision of their horses delivered to the owners inboxes around the globe by miStable.

miRunners even calls for names for their horses from the public and all owners will be invited via miStable to nominate names for consideration. The general public can suggest a name at: 


Together with miRunners, miStable is looking to bring a significant number of new participants to the industry with communications that stand up in today's digitally connected world.

They are also delighted to have teamed up with Racing Queensland to promote the successes of Queensland trained horses with sponsorship of the 2017/2018 QLD Metropolitan Premiership Trainer.

miStable provides instant communications direct from your smartphone to thousands of users in seconds. For any questions on miStable and their suite of communications products please contact Ali Lane on 03 9023 1589.

***This article is sponsored content. Racing Queensland wishes to thank miStable an miRunners for their support of the 2018 UBET Queensland Thoroughbred Awards.